In what is sure to disappoint his haterz out there, U2’s Bono has denied that he’s had a health scare, which some reports said led to him being examined by a heart specialist in a French hospital. According to the Irish Independent, Bono experienced chest pains as the result of heart palpitations and underwent 48 hours of exploratory test with cardiologists.

However, Bono’s spokespeople have denied the reports, saying that they are patently ‘untrue’.  They issued a statement to news wire service Reuters, saying “Despite press stories to the contrary, Bono has not suffered a recent health scare. Reports of his being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment are untrue. Bono is in good health and enjoying a family holiday in the south of France.”

Bono’s most likely also enjoying his recent windfall from the ever increasing value of Facebook, with reports suggesting that he has been the recipient of an approximately 700% increase in the value of shares his investment company Elevation Partners bought in the social networking site in 2009, which sees them valued at $650 million today.

U2 recently wrapped up their 360® World Tour which racked up around $750 million in proceeds, and saw the band named as the world’s biggest entertainment earners, making a cool $200 million in the previous 12 months according to Forbes magazine