We’re all hanging out to hear which bands we’ll get to see at this year’s UNIFY: A Heavy metal gathering, and now we know at least one band who’ll be on the lineup: Sydney metalcore faves Polaris.

The announcement, however, was made in a pretty sly way, with UNIFY’s Luke Logemann letting the festival’s first act slip during a casual conversation, knowing full well that it’d get everyone talking.

After Logemann took to Twitter to announce the signing of a new band, Easy Life, Polaris guitarist Rick Schneider chimed in with his approval of the move. It was then that Logemann replied with “digging your tune too homefry. Should we have a conversation about how you’re playing UNIFY and see if any news sites post about it?”

A tweet reveaing Polaris are playing UNIFY Gathering 2018

So, there you have it – Polaris are the first band on the bill, which is good timing considering they just dropped their brand new sinle ‘The Remedy’ below. Now we just need to wait until tomorrow’s full announcement to see who else they bring on board.

Meanwhile, a pretty convincing shot of a “leaked” poster that was circulating online has been debunked as fake by organisers, who point out that the artwork looks as legit as it does because it is legit – it’s the same artwork they used last year.

It’s not just the artwork that was recycled, either, with a stack of the bands returning from last year, whereas UNIFY maintain that only a single band is coming back for a second run.

A fake poster revealing the supposed lineup for UNIFY 2018

Not long to wait now until we find out the real deal, but for now, check out the awesome new Polaris clip below.

Polaris dropped their new single ‘The Remedy’ ahead of the UNIFY Gathering announcement