Well what a month we’ve all had here at Tone Deaf. We’re getting 4x the number of visitors coming each day than when we launched and new additions to the site are already in the pipeline.

One of the surprises during our first month has been the popularity of ‘Hot Artists’. It’s the second most popular part of Tone Deaf. That kind of caught us off guard, so we’ve been putting in extra effort to give you guys more of what you want.

But the shortcomings of that section soon became apparent. Whilst we wanted to add more and more artists, especially local artists you may have not heard of, we didn’t want to do this at the expense of the international artists you’ve been coming to listen to.

So there was the dilemma, how to promote more local artists without affecting the prominence of the international artists. And so we’re proud to announce the first update of Tone Deaf since launch.

‘Hot Artists’ has now been further divided into, you guessed it, ‘Local Artists’, and ‘International Artists’. So now you can filter the results based on your preference. Only interested in finding some fresh local talent? Head straight for local. Or perhaps you’re looking for the next big thing internationally? Have a look there instead then.

We hope you like the changes. There is plenty more to be rolled out over the coming months. If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Until then happy surfing and thanks for making Tone Deaf the success it’s been so far.