Yo, VIP kick it! Stop, Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a random tour of Australia’s pokie joints. He’ll be rollin’ in to town in his 5.0 to help himself to a surf n’ turf from the dining area before heading out in to the live music venue where for one night only, the resident cover bands will be kicked out as Ice gets up to perform all of his … sorry, his hit.

Yep Aussies have a lot of love for the ultimate one hit wonder, as evidenced by the rapturous reception he received from a whole new generation of ‘fans’ when he performed at the VFestival in 2007. Back then he was the subject of Virgin Mobile’s ‘Right Music Wrongs’ campaign where he no doubt got paid a shitload to humiliate himself in a so called ‘trial’ where the public was asked to vote whether he should have apologised for his 1990 hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

The verdict was an overwhelming 78% of punters voting ‘no’ and a string of well received ‘career rehabilitation’ festival performances. No doubt that many fans can’t be wrong and these gigs will be rammed with punters there to see Ice, AKA Robert Van Winkle, play his hit and other forgotten releases such as ‘Yo Vanilla’, ‘Juice To Get Loose’ and ‘Ice Is Workin’ On it’.

9/11/2011 – Venue Six – Hobart, Tasmania

11/11/2011 – Shoppingtown – Melbourne, Australia

12/11/2011 – Chelsea Heights – Melbourne, Australia

13/11/2011 – Jupiter’s Casino – Gold Coast, Australia