Steve Aoki was interviewed by Billboard on the weekend, where he spoke about his plans for later in the year (Kolony; a ten-song album out mid-year) but more importantly told us about an emotional new song he has been recording with none other than Vin Diesel. Yup.

“I was able to help capture an essence from Vin,” Aoki tells Billboard. “He loves music. He’s a musical guy, but I think no one’s been able to help produce him to a place where he could really share a lot of his vulnerabilities, and you’re going to hear that in his song. And you’re going to really feel it. I don’t want to give away too much besides that, but it’s a special song. ”

Vulnerabilities aren’t really what people look for from the action star, but maybe this will represent a left-turn in Diesel’s career.

“For Vin, he’s so excited, so he wanted to share it, but it’s in a very early stage”, Aoki continues. “But even at this early stage, there is so much magic in the song already that it’s going to really blow people’s minds. They’re going to see a side of Vin, and they’re going to hear a side of Vin, that no one’s ever experienced.”