Do you remember all of 2010? We sure don’t – the Tone Deaf crew spent waaaay too much of it organising gigs, going to gigs, DJing, going to parties and going on quite a few more benders than is really healthy for you. So we’re going to do all of these things on the one huge night as we welcome 2011 in true Tone Deaf style!

Violent Soho need little introduction – straight outta South Mansfield in Brisbane they’ve spent 2010 conquering the world – touring America with Dinosaur Junior and having their debut album released on Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth’s Ecstatic Peace label. Most importantly, these boys know how to put on one ball tearing show which will leave you wringing the sweat out of your shirt. In between being nominated for an ARIA Award, playing the forthcoming Pyramid Rock Festival and the Laneway Festivals across Australia, they’ve managed to fit in a one off date playing Tone Deaf’s massive New Year’s Eve bender.

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