It’s not as if Melbourne’s Vulture St Tape Gang were wanting for style when it came time to film the video clip for new groove ‘1st World Problems Solved’, but the addition of Hannibal Buress certainly doesn’t hurt.

According to okayplayer, the comedian is a fan and friend of Hiatus Kaiyote, whose bassist Paul Bender produced this track, leading to a chance encounter and ensuing video clip appearance, alongside the axe- and hammer-wielding party maniacs you’ll see below.

Looks like a fun clip to shoot (you may even spot a couple of other recognisable faces from the Melbourne music scene), and Hannibal definitely brings a little something extra to it – even if that is just a very botched attempt at lip-syncing. For fellow fans of Hiatus Kaiyote or Vulture St Tape Gang, you’ll be able to catch the latter playing at Good Island Festival tomorrow, alongside HK frontwoman Nai Palm and a stack more.