Given the current climate you’d be either crazy or evil genius, or both, if you wanted to start up your own festival from scratch. 2011 has undoubtedly been the year that the festival spirit died with Rewind 80s Festival failing to take offSoundwave Revolution imploding, the Great Southern Blues festival cutting their losses, and Funk & Tunes Festival biting the dust.

Good Vibrations also saw the writing on the wall early on and chose to bow out of the market for a while, but Big Day Out decided to take the gamble which didn’t pay off the way they may have hoped with events in Auckland, Adelaide, and Perth all being downgraded shortly after tickets went on sale.

But there’s no harm done in playing around if someone else is paying right? Perth festival Southbound, which will have the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Crystal Castles, CSS, Fleet Foxes, The Jezabels, Regurgitator and a whole heap more grace their stages in January, are offering you the chance to attempt to program the set times for their festival.

Playing a game that kind of reminds us of the Price Is Right, users can move around the set times for bands and submit what they think should be the order. The winner is then chosen by whoever gets their answer closest to the final set times, and will receive the title of honorary Southbound promoter for the weekend. That means you’ll get VIP tickets, and backstage access with your own AAA pass to hang out with the actual Southbound promoter and all the artists.

If you think you’ve got what it takes head to and give it a crack. We think the washing machine should go above the dining set.