Let’s be honest, most of us would feel like stuffing ourselves into our guitar cases out of embarrassment if we had to listen back to any of the early songs we tried to record, especially if someone else was in the room, so we know how Dave Grohl must be feeling here.

As Rolling Stone reports, a deleted scene from the 2014 Sonic Highways mini-series shows Grohl and the co-producer of the Fooeys’ self-titled debut, Barrett Jones, listening to the unreleased demo tracks ‘Watered It Down’ and ‘Slackers Password’.

By the time he hears himself jokingly belting out the B-52s-esque refrain of “Water it down – Water. It. Down!”, Dave is face-palming up a storm, labelling the track “interesting… and weird.” He gets his head nodding for ‘Slackers Password’, however, which sounded considerably more serious and has plenty of fans still wanting a proper release.

There have been other unreleased snippets uploaded to Barrett’s Laundry Room Studios YouTube channel, which has become a treasure trove for Grohl fans. Those fans don’t seem to include former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith, however, whose grudge against Grohl after his departure from the band has carried through to a new interview in which he labels the frontman a “bully”.