When you think about the many mighty moments that make up a Mastodon gig, public displays of romance are fairly low down the list.

Despite this, the group proved themselves to be ol’ sweeties during a show last week in Birmingham, Alabama, when guitarist Brent Hinds proposed to his girlfriend Raísa.

“Hey, you guys want to see the coolest encore ever in your whole life? Hey Raísa, come here,” he begins, before dropping to one knee and proposing. Luckily, she said yes.

To make the event all the more sweet, Hinds is from Birmingham, and invited his family along to witness the event. His Nan, who danced onstage with Hinds earlier during the gig, sat watching the spectacle from a chair side of stage. It’s all so nice. Check out footage of the proposal below.

Hinds even got his Granny in on the action, as the below footage shows.