One fun fact that may not be apparent to fans of Ride The Lightning is that Lars Ulrich is a massive Oasis fan.

We’re talking the type of fan who followed the band from show to show in the mid ’90s, and asked Noel Gallagher to sing at his wedding (Noel declined).

The very first autograph Noel ever signed in America, at the airport upon landing in the country, was made out to Lars. “What, like the Metallica drummer?”, asked Noel, head down. “Yup”, grinned Lars as they met eyes. So, yup, he is a big fan.

Also, Lars grinning in the above story may have been a journalistic embellishment.

Anyway, Metallica played in Noel’s hometown of Manchester over the weekend, and Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo led the chorus in a singalong of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, a song which has taken on additional meaning after the terrorist attacks a few months ago. It is now an anthem of hope and resilience, which is clear on the audience members’ faces as they sing along. (Another slight journalistic embellishment.)

It’s brief, but powerful – we’d love to hear the band tear through a full version of this song in the future.

Check it out, below.