Wavves is the result of collaborative “cool kid” efforts from lead singer Nathan Williams, drummer Billy Hayes and blonde, fuzzy-haired guitarist, Stephen Pope. The group are part of the latest “noise pop” sensation which has been rapidly sprawling across the blogosphere and who also conveniently includes Williams’ girlfriend’s band Best Coast. This reincarnated genre features the excessive use of reverb and distortion pedals and nostalgia-evoking lyrics to augment what some critics may simply deride as basic three chord songs augmented by some fancy effects pedals.

Now, admittedly I did enjoy Wavves’ music when I first heard “Post Acid”, the lead single off their most recent album King of the Beach, and therefore was looking forward to seeing them play live. However my hopes for a great show came to a seemingly painful death.

Sure, Wavves’ music is for the cool kids out there. But how does one listen to music that demonstrates little talent, sounds like a mish-mash of repetitive, droning guitars and little else? Indeed the comical efforts to rectify some problem with the drum kit proved to be a highlight of the gig. Further into the show, the boys come close to finding their groove, playing crowd favourites including “King of the Beach”. A few people attempted to crowd surf, a few drunken indie girls were twirling around in circles, someone was smoking pot and that pretty much sums up what happens at any Wavves gig.

– Nikki Williams