“And eeeyeeeeeeeee wiiiilllllll aaaallllllllwaaaaayyys luuuurrvvveeee youuuuuuuu” sang Whitney Houston on her biggest hit, but it might be the case that the song wasn’t about Bobby Brown after all – rather it was about her fondness for booze and Bolivia’s finest. It won’t be a surprise to fans who attended her disastrous tour of Australia last year; as she lurched across the stage, croaked through songs and appeared generally out of it leading many to seek refunds. Well, surprise surprise, she’s checked in to rehab. A spokesperson for Houston confirmed she had fallen off the wagon, and entered in to an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, although the specifics of her addiction problem this time weren’t noted. Spokesperson Kristen Foster issued a statement saying “Whitney voluntarily entered the programme to support her long-standing recovery process.”

Houston attempted to make a comeback in 2009 after being wracked by substance abuse issues and domestic violence in her relationship with rapper Bobby Brown. The album she released, I Look To You was well received by critics and spawned the hit single ‘Million Dollar Bill’ but her subsequent tours in support of the long player were marred by erratic performances in which she couldn’t hit notes and even wholesale gig cancellations.