Alright, don your best double denim, put on your best cowboy boots and belt buckle because the time is nigh for a night of classic hard rock at Cherry as Melbourne’s knights of arse kicking riffage, Wikked Bliss, launch their long awaited new EP Sex, Love and Fire at their rock n’ roll headquarters, Cherry Bar. Joining them for a night of hot loving and even sweatier fist pumping are Bendigo’s Black Aces, strutting their sexx panther prowl up the Calder and right down AC/DC Lane with their spine tingling leather clad jive. Topping it off are Cherry Bar’s resident rock vixens, the all girl line-up of Bunny Monroe. Hailed as the sexiest band in Melbourne by none other than MMM’s brekkie show, these girls have got what every guy wants – the ultimate chicks with riffs.

Recorded live on the night and available for download the following week at, Cherry can only fit a fixed number of rock n’ roll studs and vixens, so get down early to get your spot in front of the stage.