Lucky Sydney Siders have the chance to win a double pass to see Xavier Rudd on his Follow The Sun Tour, thanks to the new Hi Fi in Sydney on Friday 23rd March.

As a song-writer, Xavier Rudd has always been able to place complex ideas into heartfelt words with a universal simplicity. Having covered vast musical ground with his previous albums, Follow The Sun is the familiar sound of Rudds earlier work as an ambidextrous solo artist. His voice, his guitar and his message; carried along with gentle rhythms and musical textures.

Beautifully organic and understated, Rudds delivery of Follow The Sun is a reiteration of the songs theme that no matter what our religion or our blood lines are in this world, taking a moment or a breath, to respect and acknowledge the flow of energy around us, is vital nourishment for our own souls.

Follow The Sun invites us to leave our own distractions the congestion of thoughts that keep us locked in our minds every waking minute and to not let each day pass us by. To take notice and be thankful of the beauty of our great mother and our connection to her. That the most overlooked of things each days sun and moon, the winds and the tides, the creatures that fill our skies and oceans… that these things are the truth. They are conduits of an ever-flowing energy that society teaches us as humans to disconnect from, when in fact they are the things we need to be connected to the most.

This is an over 18’s show.

If you fancy getting along to see this special show drop us a line

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