As Leighton Antelman recently told Tone Deaf, his band Lydia are about to launch off on an Australian tour! It is certainly apt: it was on our fine brown land that Lydia (USA) played their very last show (in Radelaide, for real!). So amazed where they by the outpouring of tears and love (and the fans who shot out and got Lydia TATTOOS!) at their departure from the musical landscape that they cranked up the Lydia machine again and made a tremendous record Paint It Golden. For God’s sake, we gave it 8/10.

It’s the kinda story we just love and as the lovefest keeps goin’ round and round, now Lydia want a Tone Deaf reader to get into one of their upcoming shows for free, bring a mate for free, grab a free t-shirt and take home a free CD. Free love! Alright, that’s enough now.

Let us know which gig you wanna go to and we’ll see if we can’t make it happen!

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