Hip hop and urban tours are notoriously tricky for promoters to undertake, particularly when you’re dealing with a supergroup like Wu Tang Clan. However, the hip hop legend’s tour of Australia in 2009 was spoken of in reverential tomes by fans across the country and it looks like they may be coming back. A Facebook page has been set up which is teasing fans with pretty strong clues as to an upcoming Australian tour by the clan.

The Facebook page, which is linked to hip hop and urban promoter On Point Productions seems related to Wu Tang Clan Tour teaser posters that have been seen around Melbourne over the last few days. Today, the Facebook page said in a message to fans “I guess we better let you know the tour is 100% real, paid & locked in. We’re just finalizing sponsors & media partners. An official announcement will be released in less than 2 weeks.”

Check out the Wu Tang Clan: