Hot Damn Captain! What better way to kick out the jams than a night of rock n’ roll cruising on the Tone Deaf party ship as we embark on an trip around the galaxy at Ding Dong Lounge this Saturday 11th September.

Sydney’s wailing party proto grunge punks Zeahorse are steering the ship tonight as we hand the mantle of first mate to The Ovals, ensuring that there’s no room for anyone to fall overboard. Strapping on the lifeboats with the pop punk jangle of The New Eileens and the stoner doom riffery of Ancient Man as your skull cracking boarding party, we’ve also got our beloved $10 jugs before 10pm to get your sea legs happening. With the Tone Deaf DJ crew and special guests sweeping rock n’ roll platters across the decks all night , put on the life jackets and get ready to walk the plank until the wee hours.